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Mine Winch

  • Rich experience of winch Transformation,can provide
  • different types of transformation programs
  • Vector control technology platform for the winch to
  • provide excellent control performance
  • Several protection features to ensure the system more secure
  • Intelligent fault diagnosis, reducing the workload of maintenance

Textile industry

  • Reduce the end breakage rate, increase production efficiency
  • Unique external-mounted radiator, easy to clean the cotton
  • Unique function of the pendulum frequency for yarn and winding machine
  • Rich signal instructions, yarn full instructions, yard broken instructions, power-off instructions and other instructions

Machine Tool Industry

  • Support for high-speed communication 1000Kbps
  • 18 million drivers to run a successful transfer
  • Closed-loop control with the directional axis servo drive functionality
  • Spindle open-loop control, a variety of vector control to adapt to a variety of machine tools

Air Compressor Industry

  • High-precision vector control
  • Close loop control for constant pressure
  • Control of multi-machine network
  • Energy saving rate as high as 20% to 50%
  • Smart Sleep and Wake-up
  • Inverter program, air compressor special inverter program,compressor energy-saving cabinet can be optional

Ceramics Machinery

  •  Good adaptablity to the ambient temperature
  • Interference, professional Lightning-Protection solution
  • Reliable and stable, Anti-corrosion treatment
  • No trip, reliable control and protection of power module


  • Oil extraction machine special inverter, without feedback energy or braking energy
  • Higher energy saving, smaller harmonic and reactive current
  • Provides digital control of outdoor cabinets, constant temperature control cabinet can be long-term reliability in the field work of high or low temperature
  • Rich and flexible monitoring function, the inverter data can be storage or wireless transmission

Printing And Packaging Industry

  • High-performance vector control and torque control to achieve constant linear speed control, and constant tension control
  • For cutting machine, coating machine, paper machine,printing machine, laminating machine, dyeing machines andother equipment
  • Without speed encoder program:alternative torque motor can be widely

Municipal Engineering

  • Central air conditioning and cold storage,to achieve constant ...
  • Concentration constant pressure water supply:built-in control board ...
  • Sewage treatment, centrifuge equipment, the main auxiliary drive ...
  • Many types of fan drives: for fan design,high energy saving, noise ...

Lifting Crane

  • Excelent torque control, reliable brakes control timing
  • Professional crane control functions: velocity monitoring, torque monitoring, torque verification, power optimization, position processing, intelligent deceleration, etc
  • Extensively apply to: port, shipping, ocean engineering, mine, architecture, metallurgy, factory and various kinds of industries' lifting machines

Stone Processing

  • Easy and convenient to operate, connectting wires required to install are few Running curve is smooth, lower breakage rate of sheet, start smoothly
  • Lower mechanical damage, lower the cost of maintenance
  • Internally set anti broken rope and constant tension control, frequency of main and auxiliary operations, safe shutdown, and alarm functions

Wood Processing

  • Built-in process methods for peeling machine, rolling paper machine, peeling machine
  • Wide voltage adaptation range, particularly apply to the bad occasions for rural grid
  • Precisely and rapidly peel, Increase production assuring uniform thickness for wood veneer
  • Stably and reliably work, let customers enjoy high quality green power

Injection Molding Machine

  • Integration of energy-saving control cabinet or injection molding machine special inverter program can be optional
  • Asynchronous servo program and the dual-loop synchronous servo program can be optional
  • No high-pressure throttle, the overflow energy loss, energy saving rate as high as 25% to 70%
  • Independent air duct design, after the parts, at the top of the fan can be easily demolished, easy maintenance,environmental adaptability, high degree of protection

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