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[DX330] Screw Air Compressor Controller


[DX330] Screw Air Compressor Controller
- VSD(Variable Speed Drive) and Energy Saving
- Large Display and Easy-To-Use User Interface
- Trip Data Log
- Convenient Maintenance
- Various Analog Signal Outputs
- Compact all-in-one High Performance and Powerful functions
- RS485 Communication(MODBUS)
Efficient Control of Multiple Oil-Free Scroll Compressors
DX330 can control up to 8 units of oil-free scroll compressors efficiently.
Each compressor and step can be set differently.

Intelligent Balance Control by Rotation
For overall balance and equal wear of compressors, compressors are rotated according to operation
conditions and on/off priority. Total running time difference of each unit is within an hour.

Large Display and Easy-To-Use User Interface
A 5" LCD of 240X128 resolution supports the multilingual(English and Korean language) texts and
and images for users. Any operators can select all the menus by following the steps on the screen.
It is as easy as your fingertips.

Trip Data Log
DX330 records the important data such as trip and traces up to 160 events like a black box.
It provides the useful information for analysis and troubleshooting including trip history while tripped.

Convenient Maintenance
The information about maintenance including estimated period of spare part replacement is provided.

Compact all-in-one High Performance and Powerful Functions
While it is very small, it also has many other important functions such as auto recovery from
CPU down by noise, access code control, schedule operation, and etc. Optimized system for users
can be setup with its high performance and powerful functions.

Analog Signal Output of Pressure(4~20mA)
Analog pressure signal is retransmitted(4-20mA) to other devices.

RS485 Communication(MODBUS)
It is versatile and can connect to upper system perfectly. Communication via RS485(MODBUS)
provides many options to the users(remote control, remote display, data manipulation, and etc.).

■ Technical Specifications

DX330L-00-E DX330M-11-E DX330V-11-E
Dimensions 230(W) x 150(H) x 45(D) 
Mount 204(W) x 90(H), Mount Hole Ø5 x 4EA
Power AC24V 50/60Hz, DC24V
Power consumption  Max. 20VA
Place Indoor
Operating Temp. -10 ~ 60 ℃
Storage -30 ~ 80 ℃
Operating humidity 5 ~ 95% (No Condensation)
Input  Digital 10 EA 10 EA 10 EA
Temp. 1 EA 3 EA 3 EA
4~20mA 1 EA 2 EA 2 EA
Output Digital 4 EA 12 EA 12 EA
Analog - - 3 EA
Communication - RS 485 (Modbus) RS 485 (Modbus)
Real Time Clock  - O O

■ Accessories
Category Model Specifications
Power Trans. 24069001 AC220V to AC24V, 30VA
Gas Temp.
DPR-TH02-S6D25L x 1/4 Thermistor 10K ohm, 6 Pie Length 25 mm, 1/4 Socket
Ambient Temp. DPR-TH01-AT Thermistor 5K ohm, Cable length 2m, 
Pressure Sensor DP520 0 ~ 16 Bar , 4 ~ 20mA , Mini DIN Connector

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