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[DX140] Controller for DX Constant temp & humidity unit

[DX140] Controller for DX Constant temp & humidity unit
- Controls temperature and humidity simultaneously - up to 6 loops of independent step operations
- Operates altenately up to 4 compressors and 8 heaters and backups
- Prevents frequent starting caused by low hunting with a low pressure switch of compressors
- Starts the compressors sequentially, pumps down, and prevents restarting
High Performance RISC Micom and Digital Calibration
A high performance RISC micom integrates operations of various HVAC systems and controls digitally and precisely. It handles the instructions really fast and reduces the risks with high sample rates. It also provides a digital calibration which meets the requirements of conditions.

Large Display and Easy-To-Use User Interface
A 5" LCD of 240X128 resolution supports the multilingual(English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean language) texts and images for users. Any operators can select all the menus by following the steps on the screen. It is as easy as your fingertips.

Compact Size, Simple Operation, and Intelligent Multifunctions for Various HVAC Systems
Like a Swiss army knife, it is a very small and strong one for multipurposes. Integrating modules of control and display makes it possible to be compact and reliable. It can be installed almost everywhere, even at small spaces, and applied to various HVAC systems(AHU, temperature, humidity, dehumudification, and etc.). With the real-time information on the screen and simple operation as well as intelligent multifunctions, operators can handle the situations without problem and save the time, money, and efforts for maintenance.

Trip Data Log
DX140 records the important data such as trip and traces up to 160 events. It provides the useful information for analysis and troubleshooting including history while tripped.

Power Relays and Noise-Free Solutions
Small and reliable power relays are used for output signals. Digital I/O signals are completely insulated to block the signals from outside affecting the mainboard. There are safety functions in CPU. Brownout monitors the control power in real time and watchdog checks the status continuously(every 32msec) and makes it recover from CPU down by noise automatically.

■ Technical Specifications
  DX140-00 DX140-10 DX140-11
Dimensions 230(W) x 150(H) x 45(D) 
Mount 204(W) x 90(H), Mount Hole Ø5 x 4EA
Power AC24V, 50/60Hz or DC24V Max. 20VA
※Power Trans(24069001) - Optional
Digital Input Opto-Isolation 10EA(5X2 common), AC24V or DC24V
Output Relay Contact, 12EA(4X3 common), 250V 10A
Analog Input NTC 3EA(Max. 5), 4~20mA 2EA
Output - 3Ch Analog Output
4~20mA (PID Control)
3Ch Analog Output
4~20mA (PID Control)
Communication - - RS485(Half-Duplex Type)
1 channel(MODBUS RTU)
Screen & Touch 5" LCD (240 X 128) / LED Backlit / Membrane Keypad
Operation Temperature -10~60℃  / Humidity 5~95%RH No Condensation State
Storage Temperature -30~80℃  / Humidity 5~95%RH No Condensation State
Temperature Sensor Input 1
Humidity Sensor Input 1
Refrigerator Compressor
Control Step
Heater Control Step 5
Humidify Control Step 2
Main Browser Fan
On/Off Control
Analog Control
OK(PID Control)
Cooling Analog Control OK(PID Control)
Heating Analog Control OK(PID Control)
Humidify Analog Control OK(PID Control)
Diff. Pressure
Analog Control
OK(PID Control)

■ Accessories
Category Model Mount Type Specifications
Power Trans 24069001   AC220V to AC24V, 30VA
/Humidity Sensors
HTX73D-FPC-N5K Duct Temperature: NTC 5K
Humidity : 4-20mA
HTX73W-FPC-N5K Wall Temperature: NTC 5K
Humidity : 4-20mA
HTX32C-10-N5K Room Temperature: NTC 5K
Humidity : 4-20mA
HTX23-FPC-N5K Embedded(OEM) Temperature: NTC 5K
Humidity : 4-20mA

※ Minimum Hardware System Requirements for Operation
Model  Descriptions Qty (EA) Controller & Accessories
(Exclusive Controller for
Temp.& Humidity Unit) 
Controller 1 DX140
Transformer 1 TR,220/24V(30VA),PN:24069001
Duct Type - HTX73D-FPC-502 1 Select one among
sensor type on the left 
Wall Type - HTX73W-FPC-502
OEM Type - HTX23-FPC-502
Room Type - HTX32-10

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