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Multi Transmitter

- Measurement of Multiple Parameters
- Multiple Analog Signal Outputs( 4-20mA)
- Multiple Relay Outputs
- Easy Network Setup( RS485 and Ethernet)
- Powerful Data Log
- Various Installations and Filter Protection
- VFD Module
Measurement of Multiple Parameters

series can measure many other parameters as well as temperature and relative humidity as follows:

- RH: Relative Humidity
- T: Temperature
- Td: Dew-Point Temperature
- Tf: Frost-Point Temperature
- Tw: Web-Bulb Temperature
- Pw: Water Vapour Pressure
- Pws: Saturated Water Vapour Pressure
- A: Absolute Humidity
- x: Mixing Ratio
- h: Enthalpy
- Aw: Water Activity
- Aw: Water Activity in Oil
- ppm: Mass of Water in Oil

Multiple Analog Signal Outputs( 4-20mA)
With 3 analog signal outputs( 4-20mA) , users can organize the parameters as desired. Output range is also configurable.

Multiple Relay Outputs
With 3 relay points, users can select the parameters and organize as desired. Output range is also configurable.

Easy Network Setup( RS485 and Ethernet)
RS485 and Ethernet( external conversion module) enables easy network setup to monitor remote date and data log.

Powerful Data Log
Parameters( temperature, humdity, dew point, and etc.) are being stored in the nonvolatile memory regularly and it is easy to analyze it using HMX data logging and analaysis software.

Various Installations and Filter Protection
- HMX350W: Wall mounting Type
- HMX350R: Remote Sensing probe( sensor separated from main body)
- HMX350P: Remote Sensing probe for high pressure ( Maximum 30 bars)
There are 3 options in probe( 110, 220, and 330mm) and 2 options in filter( standard sintered alloy filter and mesh filter for high humidity) .

VFD Module
For industrial uses, VFD module is deployed and has many advantages in terms of stability and visibility.
  Technical Specifications
Dimensions 184( W) X 100( H) X 65( D) mm
Power 15 - 32Vdc or 12 - 24Vac
Power Consumption 200mA( 24Vdc)
Cable Fitting Three M12( Aluminum)
Connection Screw Terminal up to 1.5Ÿ ( AWG 16)
Sensor Range -50~ 200
( 220 - Short Term)
Element PT100( Tolerance Class A)
Accuracy ± 0.2° C( Full Range)
Sensor Range 0~ 100% RH
( Incluidng Hysteresis,
Non-Linearity, and Repeatability) Standard: ± 2.0% RH( 0~ 90% RH) , ± 3.0% RH( 90~ 100% RH)
Special Calibration: ± 1.0% RH( 0~ 90% RH) , ± 2.0% RH( 90~ 100% RH)
Response Time with
Metal Grid Filter at 20° C/ t90 < 15 sec.
Analog Signal Output 4-20mA( 3 Points) , Load Resistance d 500©
Relay Output Contact( 3 Points)
Pressure Range for Pressure Tight Probe 0.01~ 20bar( 0.15~ 300psi)
System Requirements for Software Windows 2000 or Later, Serial Interface
Housing/ Protection Class Al/ IP65( NEMA 4)
Mount Wall
Remote Probe - OK OK( High Pressure)
Operation Temperature -40~ 60 ( Electronic Parts)
Storage Temperature -40~ 60 ( Electronic Parts)

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